Orden Digital

Orden Digital course mobile and web prototype

Role: UI/UX designer

Time: 2 months

Tools: Adobe XD, Zeplin, Miro, Jira, Optimal workshop


Euno company has a platform of e-learning courses and had the requirement to create a new interactive course bases on orderliness on digital tools like mails and mobile apps and how people can become more proactive at the office.


The Course had the goal to be fully interactive with gamification activities. The interface is minimalist, clear, and includes useful tips about orderliness.


  • Stakeholders workshop (Euno creatives, screenwriters, salesmen)

  • Benchmarking with similar websites courses and e-learning websites like Coursera and Udemy

  • Contextual inquiry bases on similar courses users


  • Persona

  • Scenario

  • Journey map (touchpoint and painpoints)


  • User test

  • Heuristic test

orden digital
orden digital
orden digital
orden digital