HRO Helmets Website

HRO e-commerce Website designed for Inducascos company

Role: UI/UX designer

Time: 2 months

Tools: Adobe XD, Zeplin, Miro, Jira, Optimal workshop


HRO helmets is a new brand with a need for a modern e-commerce website. The brand has a massive product catalog and that is why the website should have internal web pages with each category.


The UX team creates a fresh e-commerce website with the promise to be easy to use and minimalist with a focus on the products, their style, and context of use.


  • Stakeholders workshop (Inducascos employees, salesmen, store sellers)

  • Benchmarking with similar e-commerce helmets websites 

  • Contextual inquiry inside with previous identify users

  • Card sorting: categories

  • Click maps


  • Persona

  • Scenario


  • User test

  • Heuristic test

HRO Helmets Website
HRO Helmets Movile Website
HRO Helmets Website
HRO Helmets Website
HRO Helmets Website