Bancolombia Podcast APP

Bancolombia app prototype

Role: UI/UX designer

Time: 2 months

Tools: Figma, Zeplin, Miro, Jira


Bancolombia, The biggest Colombia Bank, has a big number of employees. The company had the need to train people with continuous learning courses even if the people are outside the office. My team created a podcast app, thinking of an easy way to learn about the new bank process only by hearing two minutes of short podcasts with useful tips and applying them to day-to-day work.


The Bancolombia Podcast app is a mobile app created and developed thinking about the touchpoints and painpoints the Bancolombia Employees have with the company's continuous training. A minimalistic and useful mobile web was the goal, with small and clear bits of information ready to be used in the office and just spending two or three minutes on training on each course.


  • Stakeholders workshop (Bancolombia employees and hr people)

  • Benchmarking with similar apps and other banks tools 

  • Contextual inquiry inside and outside the bank


  • Persona

  • Scenario

  • Journey map (touchpoint and painpoints)


  • User test

  • Heuristic test

bancolombia podcast app
bancolombia podcast app
bancolombia podcast app